Deaf Sports History

The US Deaf Sporting activities Federation (USADSF) is identified by the International Committee of Sports with the Deaf (ICSD) since the sole national association of deaf sports in the United States. USADSF is organized in order to foster and also regulate homogeneous rules of competition and also promote physical fitness among deaf and hard of hearing members of ages; serve as a parent organization of national sports club; conduct athletic competitions; and help out with the participation of US Teams inside international competition.


The Akron Club on the Deaf inside Ohio sponsored the 1st national basketball tournament in 1945, from which time that established the American Particular sports Union on the Deaf. The organization was in the future renamed this American Particular sports Association on the Deaf, and also in 1997, the USA Deaf Sporting activities Federation (USADSF). Its intention is to foster and regulate uniform rules of competition and provide social outlets for deaf members and their friends; serve as a parent organization of national sports organizations; conduct annual athletic competitions; and assist in the participation of US Teams in international competition.


The AAAD was restructured to follow the US Olympic Committee organizational model. In May   1995, the AAAD basketball program and national tournament founded by Thomas C. Elliott and   Arthur Kruger were transferred to the newly established national sports organization formerly   known as Deaf Basketball Association (DBA) after ratification by the House of Delegates at the   AAAD   annual meeting in April 1995. The transition became official on   May 1, 1995. The name, DBA, then   was changed to USA Deaf Basketball (USADB).

USADSF recognizes the USADB as the sole governing body of basketball for the deaf in the   United States.   USADB is also affiliated with USA Basketball, USA Deaf Sports Federation and the Deaf International Basketball Federation.


This USADSF is composed of an elected five-member Executive Board, standing and ad hoc committees, connected national sporting activities organizations and members. The NSO Authorities and Home of Delegates convene by using an annual basis to talk about and determine USADSF’s targets. The NSO Authorities and Home of Delegates convene by using an annual basis to talk about and determine USADSF’s targets.




usadeafThe American Deaf Sports Federation yearly recognizes deserving individuals, corporations or even organizations that assistance the mission of the Federation.





The ART KRUGER AWARD is for the deserving individual that demonstrates leadership and ongoing participation, assistance and performance in the Federation over a long period of time.



The PRESIDENT’s PRIZE is for the deserving individual that demonstrates excellent performances and services on the Federation.



The EXECUTIVE BOARD price is for the deserving individual, corporation or even organization supplying significant contribution on the enhancement from the goals from the Federation.



The JERALD M. JORDAN PRIZE, which is usually, during a Deaflympic year, for the deserving National athlete who’s accomplished excellent Deaflympics fulfillment and during a non-Deaflympic year, for the competent and prominent individual that demonstrated leadership and ongoing participation on the goals from the Deaflympics.



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