NWAD at Vancouver, The new Animal Hospital


NWAD’s team headed by me did a research work for Vancouver Animal Hospital. NWAD was all known for its operation for underpinning the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, public health, control of the environment and engineering. We were contacted by the admin of Vancouver animal hospital to do a research work for developing new pharmaceutical techniques for their treatment work so as they will successfully maintain the number 1 animal hospital status in Vancouver. For sake of undertaking some extensive work we were required to visit the hospital. I along with my team left for Vancouver and prepared a plan as to how to implement further actions.

Before we were to go for the project we were assigned. I first thought is essential to do some research and get some material on the working of hospital so it will be easy for us to conduct a research matching the requirements of the hospital.

I gave my assistant a plan to follow and collect the material from the best possible source. My assistant opted to go for internet to collect all the relevant material and reviews relating to the hospital.

On her research she found out that the Vancouver animal hospital is rated as number 1 animal hospital in Vancouver. It is located in the plaza on Cornwall Ave. at Cypress St., close to Kitsilano Beach and Vancouver’s West End. It is headed by Dr Tejpaul Bhatia, a renowned veteran for his extensive services in the field of veterinary science. All the other doctors were certified from the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia. All the veterans have extensive experience as to provide with their best in the service area. The hospital ives an easy access to services like exams and diagnostics, hospitalization and surgeries, flea and tick control and vaccinations. The other services which make this hospital unique includes ear and dental cleaning, nail trimming, grooming, and allergy treatment, deworming, endocrinology, dermatology, and cardiology services.

In order to upgrade the services and competencies of doctors they also arrange for regular training sessions and educational seminars, which makes it a success for the team to provide contemporary and up to date methods of treatment to the pets. The pets being offered these services include dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters and rabbits. They also provide with prescription food for the pets so as to make it clear that their health will be maintained in longterm.

The most important aspect of this hospital is that they are famous for providing services at the best fair price available. They are using a friendly modern and proactive approach to provide professional and authentic treatment. Thay are also offereing 24/7 on call pet service so as to help you out at maximum.

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