The New NWAAD T-Shirt

NWAAD partner up with teespring expert to create the brand new NWAAD 2014 shirt. You can get your Shirt directly on teespring or get in touch with us. Our goal is to reach 200 shirts sold. Let’s reach our goal together and bring awareness to NWAAD.

The tees are manufactured using display printers, and so the images don’t fade with time.



Like NWAAD, those t-shirt will bring power to whom has hearing problem. They will send the social message that nobody can stop us if we keep going. You CAN if you WANT. Visit teespring website or vsit or facebook page to order your shirt. You can see the progress of your order there.

This idea first came from Josh who is in charge of press release here at NWAAD. He worked with different non-profit organisation and he used teespring before for a Facebook organization he is member of.

We taught that our fan would love to wear their shirts when attending sporting events or just in their everyday life. So we are gaving it a try and i hope this campaign will be a success.

The custom shirts are currently only printed in grey but if we get enough orders, we might print it again in different colors. if you have any question concerning your order you can contact teespring or us directly at

Good luck and Thank you to everyone who helped us with this campaign.


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