USA Deaf Athletes Criteria

An athlete shall have a hearing loss of 55 decibels or greater in the better ear (3-tone frequency average at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz, ISO 1964 Standard), as established by the ICSD to be eligible for any international event. The Committee shall be permitted to approve applications pending evaluation of hearing loss. These athletes shall be obliged to enter qualifying try-outs in their respective sport(s), according to the selection criteria approved by the Executive Board, prior to departure for the Games. Selected athletes shall be under the full jurisdiction of the committee until they are brought back to the US and released for home.deaf

Upon conclusion of the Games and by a mutual agreement and releases between the committee and athletes (parents/guardians of athletes if they are under 18 years of age), the Federation may relinquish its responsibilities for the athletes so they may travel on their own after the Games. Athletes under age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible and mature adult authorized by their parents/guardians if released. Each athlete shall supply to the Director such personal information and pictures as may be requested, together with the entry form. Any monies raised on behalf of an athlete shall be forwarded to the National Office as soon as the funds are obtained.


Athletes must have their audiogram submitted (first-time athletes only) and the nonrefundable processing fee paid before they are approved by the Federation for participation in any international competition. Each athlete shall be responsible for obtaining a passport and necessary vaccinations. Transportation from hometown to the training site and/or to the departure/gateway city may be arranged for by athletes at the committee’s discretion but the transportation costs shall be athletes’ responsibility. The Committee shall arrange and pay for adequate liability and secondary accident insurance. After being selected to the US Team following the try-outs, each athlete shall be responsible for maintaining good general physical condition by participating in a training program arranged by his US Team coach until reporting to the training site. Each selected athlete shall report in excellent physical condition to the selected site for training at the appointed time after notification by the Director, and shall take part in training in the sports entered. Then Athletes reporting in less than good physical condition may, at the discretion of the Team Leader, be removed from the team with the approval of the committee and the Executive Board. Each athlete shall sign and follow a Code of Conduct as outlined by the US Team Committee.


After training at the site, each athlete shall be given the opportunity to test his state of readiness by taking part in a tune-up event. The Team Leader, assisted by the results of the event and with the approval of the coaches, shall make the final team selections and then notify the Director so that a copy of the final choices may be forwarded to the ICSD or PANAMDES Secretary in compliance with their deadline. Each athlete shall be provided with appropriate competition and parade attire. All such attire shall become the property of the athlete. Each athlete shall also have his own health/accident insurance as his primary coverage or be subject to removal from the US Team.

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